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Page 2
“You're separating the men from the
boys here, lemme tell ya. I have
months of work ahead of me (on my
WIP), but I can't wait to dig in.”
Debbie Robbins
For years people told me my writing wasn't
clear, yet never explained why it wasn't.
Your class explained why.”
Charlotte Summers
“This is, hands-down, the best class I've ever
taken. I'm excited about looking at my WIP
again! Thank you!!!”
Suzy Short
I started with a 105,600-word WIP, and have “de-fogged”
it down to 100,000. If this class went on much longer I
might be sitting here with a short story, instead of the
next great American novel!”
Capri Smith
“I used to make 30 passes trying to find the
editing problems. Now, with your 21 Steps,
I'm sooooooooo much more efficient.”
Leslie Randall
“Your ‘21Steps’ program is succinct, to the point,
provides great examples and homework—it’s excellent
all the way around. Thank you!”
Louise Behiel
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