What Clients Say

    "Oh my Lord. I never expected anything like this.  
    Where have you been all my life?   I agree with almost
    everything you've pointed out, and can already see a
    dozen sentences in my current chapter that need
    changed.  And I'm only on the fifth page!   I’ll
    recommend you and your skills at every opportunity".  

    Martha Kreiger
    w/a Allison Knight
    Fairhope, Alabama
The Proof's in the Pudding . . .
The following comments are from pleased
clients.  I'll happily include yours among them!

    “Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you with sugar on top.  I
    appreciate your editing soooo much.  It will help me a great deal
    as I continue writing the rest of this manuscript.  I’ve already
    revised two chapters of my previous novel (21 chapters, 101,000
    words) and am ashamed to admit that, thanks to your advice, I
    can cut as much as 1,000 words per chapter. You've shed a
    genuine light on my writing, and I feel like I finally have the
    chance to grow as a writer."  

    Tickled to pieces,

    Stacy Thompson
    Pascagoula, MS

    "I wrote an 80,000-word novel and proudly showed it to
    you, and you suggested dozens of changes.  After the
    shock wore off I realized that, thanks to your “21 Steps
    to Fog-Free Writing” editing process, you improved
    both that manuscript and my future writing.  

    I believe your unique first-chapter edit offer is the
    greatest new writing concept since the pencil was
    invented. Really!" *

    Mike McNair
    Richland Center, WI

    "I’m going back and redoing everything I’ve ever
    written…ever! When you edited the first chapter of my
    latest manuscript, you opened my eyes to a whole new
    world—and that’s way too cheesy to be an
    exaggeration! I can’t thank you enough for the
    profound impact you’ve had on my work.

    "I don’t think it was coincidence that I received my first
    contract hardly a month after you set me straight. I’m
    referring all my writing friends to you whenever they
    need help. I definitely won’t be the only person you

    Amber W. Shedeck
    w/a Amber Leigh Williams
    Fairhope, Alabama
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“Don,  I just finished a final proofing of 'Twines.'  Your
editing was more than superb, and I sincerely thank
you.  It was my least favorite work, but with your help I
found myself crying and laughing with the characters
as much as with anything else I've written.”

Doug Lynch
Lancaster, OH