Here’s what students say about
their “21 Step” classroom experiences

Author Don McNair proved his 21-Step editing concept works
in several writing classes and seminars held over the past three years.  
Here’s what his students say:
“Don, I have to take time out from
editing my WIP to tell you how much I
am enjoying your class. The
information you give us is fabulous. I
just counted the books I have
purchased in the last twelve months
dealing with writing. Twenty-seven!  
Twenty-seven books that have given
me less usable information than your
one class. Thank you. Thank you!”
Linda Cousine, Aliso Viejo, CA
“This was the most detailed, spot-on, editing advice
I've ever gotten, bar none. The lesson format
conveyed a lot of information in a simple, elegant
form. And you brought my attention to errors I was
still making despite having taken other classes on
the subject. I had no clue how many mistakes I was
making. Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I
realized what a wake-up call you'd given me.”
Patricia Davis , Oakland, CA
“Thanks for a great class! I learned so
many things that seem so obvious. I’ve
read a lot of books on editing and
writing, but this course showed the
steps in a clear and concise way. You
have given me direction and
confidence in my editing process.”
Cici Edward, Chicago, IL
“I loved the class. For years
people told me my writing wasn't
clear, yet never explained why it
wasn't. Your class explained why.
I rate the class a ‘ten.’”
Charlotte Summers, Dallas, TX
I LOVED this class. I wanted to let you
know that this is, hands down, the best
class I've ever taken. It is immediately
useful and is taught logically and with
enough examples that it is easy to see
the problems in my own writing. Thank
you so much for offering such a
wonderful resource. I'm excited about
looking at my WIP again! And, oh boy,
can I see the difference after taking
this class. Thank you!!!”
Suzy Short, Richmond, VA

I have mixed feelings
about class ending
tomorrow. I’ve learned so
much, and I don't want it
to end! I started with a
105,600-word WIP and
have “de-fogged” it down
to 100,000. If this class
went on much longer I
might be sitting here with
a short story, instead of
the next great American
Capri Smith,
Chesterfield, VA
“Your lessons helped me
tremendously! I've actually re-opened
a channel with a publisher, and your
lesson on author intrusion is what
made it possible. You're separating the
men from the boys here, lemme tell ya.
I have months of work ahead of me,
but I can't wait to dig in.”
Debbie Robbins, St. John's,
Newfoundland, Canada
“I used to make 30 passes trying to find the editing
problems. Now, with your 21 Steps, I'm sooooooooo
much more efficient. I can constantly refer back to
examples to help me avoid each Step’s traps.”
Leslie Randall, Palo Alto, CA
“Your ‘21Steps’ program is succinct, to the point,
provides great examples and homework—it’s
excellent all the way around. I liked that I could
work at my own speed, and wasn’t inundated with
100 emails a day since my time is so limited.
Thank you!”
Louise Behiel, Calgary, AB, Canada
“I’ve learned boatloads in this course. The way your lessons
communicate what to do and not do is very engaging, and your
real-life examples bring it all home. Your teaching style is very
effective, and I’m now applying a whole new lens to my writing. I've
learned that the 200 pages I’ve written is just a working outline and
that those information dumps and backstories were my way of
getting to know my characters. All that information was useful, but
now won’t make it into the story.”
Melanie Martin, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.
“I learned a great deal. You presented
solid solutions to universal writing
problems, and I definitely found my
money and my time well spent! This
course could very well make the
difference between success for me
and struggling along with the same old
problems, getting nowhere. It's one
thing to know what's wrong and quite
another to know how to fix it.”
Susan Granade, Mobile, AL
“Don's workshops are the
best.  His own writing is so
CLEAN, a real pleasure to
read. Most workshops are
"about," Don's is a "how
to."  He shares very
specific techniques to
clean up your own writing
and provides handouts and
exercises to identify your
own brand of "fog."  My
standard for online
workshops is what I have to
show after I've completed
the class.  I can promise
that Don's class is well
worth your time and
Rita Van Fleet, Mobile,
“I printed out your lessons and
read them at bedtime.  I have
already made several edits to
my WIP based on the
information in your lessons.  I
have taken several online
writing classes, and this is one
of my favorites.  I like your
Rita Garcia. Diamond Bar,
“I loved the course, and learned a lot
about editing my own work. I edited
the first 3 chapters of my WIP and
they're a lot tighter (and shorter). I
liked the format, the assignments
and being able to correct my work.
Thanks for a great course that
definitely improved my WIP and,
hopefully, future books.”  
Beverley Batema, Kelowna, BC,
“I just wanted to let you know that I've
just sold Catch Me a Catch, the story
we worked on in your class! This is my
first novel, and I'd like to thank you for
all the help and guidance that helped
me get there.”
Sally Clements, Celbridge, County
Kildare, Ireland
“Thank you so much for this class. I
learned a ton that I can even use in
my day job of writing marketing
copy, so it was sort of a two-fer.”
Linda Fletcher, Novi, MI
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