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ISBN 978-1-61035-178-2
21 Steps to the Clear Prose
Publishers and Agents Crave

by Don McNair

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Don McNair here.  I’ve edited for others for more than 40
years, and I now reveal all I’ve learned in the  book below.  I
hope you enjoy it!

Most writers, especially unpublished ones, suffer from
"foggy writing" — writing that’s full of extra, misused, and
overused words. Foggy writing drives editors crazy and
often makes publishers and agents reject manuscripts at
first glance. Most writers toil their whole lives without ever
getting published, and foggy writing is often the reason.

I lay out an easy, systematic method for defogging your
writing and getting the sales you deserve in my new book,

Editor-Proof Your Writing: 21 Steps to the Clear
Prose Publishers and Agents Crave

I found that most writers make the same mistakes over
and over again. More importantly, I learned
all those
mistakes can be corrected by removing specific words.

Eliminating them strengthens action, shortens sentences,
and makes writing crackle with life.

Other writers have told me that
Editor-Proof Your
is the most practical guide to prose style ever
written. Traditional style books give vague examples of
mistakes to avoid, writers to imitate, or at best an
empirical list of do's and don’t's.
Editor-Proof Your
does much more. It won’t just make you a clearer
writer; it will make you a
better writer — more readable,
more entertaining, and more likely to sell your work.

Editor-Proof Your Writing teaches 21 simple,
straightforward principles that show how to edit weak verb
forms, strip away author intrusions, ban redundancies,
eliminate foggy phrases, correct passive voice sentences,
slash misused and overused words, and correct other
writing mistakes. Following the 21 steps will help you edit
your own work to produce sparkling, clear, powerful copy
that attracts readers, agents, editors, and sales.

The audience for this book includes professional and
aspiring fiction and nonfiction writers, writing teachers and
students, business professionals--anyone who wants to
write with more clarity and expression.

About the Author: I've worked as a magazine editor, a
senior account executive for a major PR firm, and an
independent PR consultant. I've written five novels, a book
of short stories, three nonfiction books, and countless
feature articles for periodicals
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“McNair offers great
editing tips that will be
sure to strengthen
your manuscript!”

--USA Today Bestselling
Author Cynthia Ede
“All writers, seasoned
or newbie, should
read, absorb, and put
to use the lessons
Don McNair offers . . .”
New York Journal
of Books
"Don McNair's
Editor-Proof Your
Writing is the perfect
workshop-in-a-book for
fiction writers, and a
must-have for any

~~New York Times
bestseller Dianna Lov
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