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That's what I told myself back in the fifties, when I hit puberty
and tried to look into the murky future.  I became my high school's
official cartoonist, and later cartoonist for my college paper.  

But--well, things didn't work out as I'd planned.  

I joined  a magazine's editing staff after college and toiled as an
editor and writer  ever since.  In the sixties I drew a daily comic
strip called Paradise Park, which featured the goings on in a city
park (its rocks, trees, and animals spoke only when they had
something important to say). I offered it to the syndicates, and
learned their estimation of its value differed from mine.  

A couple months ago, while cleaning out a storage shed, I ran
across those strips.  Hey, they didn't look bad!  I'm printing them
here, and am anxious to hear what you think of them
here.  I've
also included quotes from my pleased clients and students.
“I’m going back and redoing everything I’ve
ever written… ever!  You’ve opened my eyes to
a whole new world.”  
Amber Shedeck
“Oh my Lord.  Where have you been all
my life?  I’ll recommend you and your
skills at every opportunity.”
Martha Kreiger
“This was the most detailed,
spot-on, editing advice I've
ever gotten, bar none.”  
Patricia Davis
McNair Edits
“I appreciate your editing sooo much.  
You’ve shed a genuine light on my
 Stacy Thompson
“I just counted the books I have purchased in the last
twelve months dealing with writing. 27!  27 books that
have given me less usable information than your one
class. Thank you. Thank you!”
Linda Cousine
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